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Canva Product Prescriptions

Gold & Braid Salon Canva Product Prescription

I want to tell you guys a little bit more about my product prescriptions and how I use them.

When I went independent I wanted something that I could customize to the exact lines I carry. I recently switched from selling retail out of the salon to using all affiliate links and this has made the transition seamless.

You make product recommendations to your guests throughout their service and then at the end you fill out their prescription with each product you used on them. You can even make little notes on how much to use each product and how often you use them. You then give it to your guest so they can take it home, scan the QR code, shop online, and it ships directly to them!

My guests have been blown away by this idea. They don’t feel rushed to make a decision during checkout, they can refill their products anytime between appointments, and the brands I work with have specials and sales regularly.

To save you from having to painstakingly put this together like I did, I’m making these templates available to you. The Canva templates include nine templates total in three different styles so you can customize the fonts, colors, logo, branding, etc to fit your salon.

Tag me when you get yours!


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