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2020 Kind of Holiday Hairstyle


Needless to say you may not be going to any big holiday bashes this year, although I know you still want your hair to look and feel it’s best best for the celebrations you do have. Since you have enough to worry about this holiday season, I’m going to take this one thing off your plate!

I want to let you in on something a lot of my guests didn’t know: how you prep your hair is just as important as the style. I want to share with you my surefire routine to achieve bouncy holiday hair, and it starts the day BEFORE your shindig. Any kind of half-up or up-style works best on second day hair with the help of dry shampoo. The powdery texture of dry shampoo gives your strands the perfect amount of grip to be able to curl and pin and tuck without anything slipping.

On freshly shampooed hair, apply a heat protectant to prime, moisturize, and protect your hair from heat. Let your hair air dry naturally or blowdry. Then use your favorite hot tool to curl your hair in sections, alternating towards and away from the face (this prevents the curls from falling into one big wave). Repeat until each section is curled. Flip your head upside down and use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to separate your curls from roots to ends. For added definition and shine, use a small amount of a smoothing oil to run through your strands from mids to ends. Alternatively, if you want a beachy tousled look, finish with a texture spray! It prevents the hair from laying too smooth and extends the life of your style.

You can take this style up a notch with colorful bobby pins in a starburst pattern just above your ear, or use strategically placed tortoiseshell clips to add volume to shorter hair. When in doubt, the quickest way to add interest to your mane is a padded headband with your hair blown out BIG! However you wear your hair: have a safe and happy holiday season from Gold & Braid Salon!


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