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Never make restocking your salon a guessing game! By organizing and keeping track of your retail and color inventories using the Salon Inventory Tracker spreadsheet you minimize waste while reducing the headache of collecting color tabs. Perfect for individual stylists and large salons alike.


This tool:

•allows you to track your current inventories. 

•automatically generates order forms of products needing to be restocked. 

•displays the value of current inventory and cost to restock products that are low.



A PDF containing access to your Google Sheet spreadsheet.



+ After checkout, you will be able to download your file instantly.

+ Open the PDF and save to your Google account!



•This spreadsheet is only compatible with Google Sheets. 

•This spreadsheet is NOT compatible with MS Excel. 

•You will need a Google account to access and use this spreadsheet. 

•This spreadsheet may be accessed through Google Sheets app on any mobile device, however it is advisable to use a computer for better and faster user experience.


DISCLAIMER: You do not have exclusive rights to this template and design. Purchase does not include copyright.


© Gold & Braid Salon 2022. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.


All rights reserved.

Salon Inventory Tracker

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