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With the Independent Stylist Paycheck Calculator, you’ll have everything you need to save for a successful future. Simply input your current expenses like rent, app subscriptions, etc. and the spreadsheet will do all the hard work for you. 


This tool automatically generates a dollar amount to save for taxes, expenses, and a take home paycheck for yourself. 



A PDF containing access to your Google Sheet spreadsheet.



+ After checkout, you will be able to download your file instantly.

+ Open the PDF and save to your Google account!



•This spreadsheet is only compatible with Google Sheets. 

•This spreadsheet is NOT compatible with MS Excel. 

•You will need a Google account to access and use this spreadsheet. 

•This spreadsheet may be accessed through Google Sheets app on any mobile device, however it is advisable to use a computer for better and faster user experience.


DISCLAIMER: You do not have exclusive rights to this template and design. Purchase does not include copyright.


© Gold & Braid Salon 2022. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.


All rights reserved.

Independent Stylist Paycheck Calculator

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