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Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2020




    In September of 2019 I had the opportunity to work at New York Fashion Week on Aveda's Styling Team. Our team was led by Jon Reyman, a celebrity hair stylist and salon owner with 8 locations nationwide. At each show I was teamed with a network of Aveda Artists that came from all over the world for the opportunity. Throughout the week I worked backstage creating classic runway styles and incorporating this seasons newest trends.




    At Supima's Design Competition, the look was sleek and polished. We used Aveda's Control Force, Smoothing Fluid, and Phomollient to knot the hair onto itself.




    Hyundai collaborated with Zero x Maria Cornejo reusing Hyundai Transys car seats to create a 15 piece capsule collection. This style embraces natural texture, I used Pure Abundance Style Prep in Margot's hair to softly tie back into a low pony with tendrils falling around the face.




    The Academy of Art University presentation showcased collections by graduates of the school. This look utilized Control Force (a lot), Spray On-Shine, and Liquid Pomade to enhance natural texture or add a super smooth gloss to the hair.

    Creating these styles displayed the versatility of the products that we worked with and the intricacy of intentional dishevelment. This experience gave me a whole new outlook on upstyling hair and the endless possibilities of a can of hairspray. Being a part of this season's Fashion Week taught me so many things, and I can't wait to bring everything I've learned behind the chair!

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